McLaughlin currently builds a range of fiberglass products for industrial, commercial and recreational use.  The following are just a few examples of our work.

Robotic-Arm Covers 

To the right is an example of a robotic-arm cover produced for a company which specializes in automated machinery for the die casting industry.  This fiberglass cover offers durable, nonconductive protection for this industrial application.  Over the years, our in house toolers have modified the molds for this part to fit our customer's evolving designs, saving our customer many thousands of dollars. 


McLaughlin produces the base enclosure of this medical diagnostic machine for a locally based company.  Because this customer may build only a few of this machine per year, low start up costs and flexible production runs made fiberglass an obvious choice.  

The McLaughlin Optimist sailboat is considered to be the finest of it's kind and is shipped to competitive sailors world wide.  We have honed our skills building racing sailboats for 35 years.  Because we have consistently met the very highest expectations of perfection, world class sailors have chosen to depended on our boats for the extra speed advantage that means the difference between winning and losing. 


The Optimist provides several good examples of the complex shapes McLaughlin can produce.  At left, top, is the daggerboard trunk and midship frame, a three axis part with both molded and hand ground radii.  At left, bottom, is the deck and mast partner.  This part features a cut out forward and vertical support with several hand ground radii and flanges.  

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